About Zemilli Paint Factory

Founded in 1998, at a total estimated cost of about 20 million Birr, Zemilli Paint
Factory is strategically located in the sub-city of Bole in the capital city Addis Abeba.
Since its establishment, the factory has been committed to producing quality paints
that are high in demand. Zemilli produces a wide variety of paints, glues and tile
adhesive that have been developed by a team of research and development

DH Gedas Zemilli Paints Factory
Above : DH Geda's Zemilli Paint Factory new palnt ,Dukem City (30 kms from Addis Ababa )

Zemilli Paint Factory is the only paint factory in the country to be ISO
certified. It has a workforce of around 200 employees, operates 24 hours a day, and
uses the latest in production and quality control equipments. The factory has annual
capacity to produce approximately nine million liters of over 150 different colors for
various purposes.

DG GEDA Group Profile
Duguma Hunde Geda, the founder of DH Geda, started his career in 1970 as a tailor with a mere capital of 85 birr (USD 8) and  built his empire into fortune. DH Geda Trade and Industry has become one of the leading establishments involved in a  broad spectrum of industries. DH Geda is involved in the production and marketing of paints, blankets, wheat flour,  acrylic yarn, and galvanized sheets.

DH GEDA runs its newly built commercial center, DH Geda Tower, where its head 
quarters is stationed. The marketing and sales division operates out of head quarters with its ten shops in Merkato and  its branches which are located in major towns; Mekele, Harrer, Desse, Gonder, Bahir Dar, D/Markos, Shashemene, Jimma,  Nekemt and Wolayita as its sales distribution outlets. DH Geda strives to better serve its clients by implementing  backward and forward integration, such as; chemicals to paints, farming to flour, warp to blankets, and galvanization to 
sheets. By strengthening its R&D, DH Geda aspires to maintain its competitive advantage in all of the sectors it’s involved  in. The company aims to provide quality product at an affordable price with short delivery time.


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